Day of Endometriosis

Day of Endometriosis

20-21 Aprile 2015 - Aarhus (Danimarca)
The Aarhus University Hospital invited Dr Mario Malzoni, Avellino, Italy to perform live surgery with us at the day of Endometriosis.
Mario Malzoni is among the most experienced laparoscopists in the world with more than 11.000 operations. Malzoni performs both general gynecology, gynecological oncology and advanced endometriosis, with the latter taking up an increasing part. Malzoni operates with utmost elegance and his technique is very inspiring.

20th of April 2015
It can be difficult to reach Aarhus for program start the 21st of April at 8.30 a.m. The program therefore begins the 20th of April with possibility for overnight stay at a reasonable price at Sabro Kro. Program for the evening will be announced later. For booking of hotel at reduced price booking no. 162680 must be used. Reservations must be made at, not at website. Only a limited number of rooms is available at reduced price. Karl Storz cannot assist in hotel reservation, nor are they responsible for this or for payment.

21st of April 2015
Live-operations transmitted to the auditorium with possibility for direct communication between the auditorium and the OR room. There will be theoretical lectures for discussion between the operations.

8.30 a.m. Introduction and coffee - Axel Forman

8.45 a.m. Live operation: Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy - Mario Malzoni and Mikkel Seyer-Hansen

9.45 a.m. Live operation: Laparoscopic rectalresection due to bowel endometriosis - Mario Malzoni and Mikkel Seyer-Hansen

9.45 a.m. Transvaginal ultrasound of bowel endometriosis - Anne Egekvist
Autonomic nervesystem and Endometriosis - Axel Forman

Lunch Host: Karl Storz, Denmark

1.30 p.m. Live operation: Laparoscopic operation for bilateral endometriomas - Mario Malzoni and Mikkel Seyer-Hansen
Follow-up after laparoscopic rectal resection for bowel endometriosis. Preliminary data. - Mads Riiskjær

4.30 p.m. End of program

Registration: Secr. Rikke Vestervig at or telephone +45 7845 3354.
Final registration April 10th, 2015.