Innovations in gynecological oncology

Innovations in gynecological oncology

23-25 Giugno 2014 - San Pietroburgo (Russia)

The 1st Russian OncoGynecological Forum with international participation

Russia • Belarussia • Brazil • Germany • Italy • Japan • Kazakhstan • Ukraine

Preliminary scientific programme

June 23
Precursors “Live Surgery” — broadcast from the operating of N. N. Petrov Research Oncology Institute. Broadcast from the operating Moscow Regional Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology (MONIIAG). Robotic surgery in uterine cancer.

June 24–25
Keynote Lectures:
1. Shingo Fujii (Japan) Why Okabayashi anatomy is essential nerve sparing radical hysterectomy?
2. Tzip N. P. (Ukraine) Trophoblastic disease. Standards and Innovation;
3. Rainer Kimmig (Germany) Robotic Compartmental surgery in Uterine Cancer: Dawn of a new era in surgical oncology.
4. Köhler С. (Germany) Trachelectomy — an overview;

1. Cervical, Endometrial, Vulvar Cancer and Precancer;
2. Ovarian Cancer;
3. Rare malignancies (Sarcomas, Trophoblastic disease, Borderline ovarian tumors, etc.);
4. Adolescent oncogynaecology;
5. Rehabilitation of oncogynecological patients;
6. Prevention of Gynaecologic Cancers. Hormonal Contraception. HPV Prevention. Uterine Hyperplasia;
7. Malignant tumors in combination with pregnancy. Oncofertility.

Plenary Sessions

1. Hereditary tumors of the reproductive system. Imyanitov Е. N. (St. Petersburg, Russia).
2. Radical hysterectomy. History, classification. Ungar L. (Hungary).
3. Laparoscopic nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy. Malzoni M. (Italy).
4. Clinical and genetic aspects of multiple primary malignant tumors of the female reproductive system. Ways of prevention. Payanidi Y. G. (Moscow).
5. Sporadic ovarian cancer. Pathogenetic types. Ashrafyan L. A. (Moscow).
6. How to cover large defects in gynecologic oncology from a plastic surgeons Point of view. Infanger M. (Germany).
7. Value of laparoscopic staging in advanced cervical cancer — rationale and results of a randomised Trial. Tsunoda А. (Brazil).
8. Hormone therapy of early endometrial cancer: Pros and Cons. Novikova O. V. (Moscow).
9. Chemotherapy in the Treatment of endometrial, cervical and vulvar cancer. Nunes J. S. (Brazil).
10. New technologies in the treatment of borderline ovarian tumors. Shevchuk A. S. (Moscow).
11. Chemoradiation in the therapy of cervical cancer patients. New Trends and technques. Marnitz S. (Germany).
12. Cervical cancer: new approaches to old problems. Kolomietz L. А. (Tomsk).
13. Aromatase inhibitors in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Lisyanskaya A. S. (St. Petersburg).
14. HIPEC in the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer. Guseinov K. D. (St. Petersburg).
15. Primary resectable cervical cancer: a standard approach or the personification of treatment? Kairbayev М. (Kazahtan).
16. Cytological screening for cervical cancer. Novik V. I. (St. Petersburg).
17. Modern approaches to screening and early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Bakhidze E. V. (St. Petersburg).
18. Opportunities for predicting the course of cervical precancer. Krikunova L. I. (Obninsk).
19. Vaccine Prevention of cervical cancer. Ulrikh E. A. (St. Petersburg).
20. Tumor of genitals at adolescent. Kutusheva G. F. (St. Petersburg).
21. Breast cancer and pregnancy. Dashyan, G. A. (St. Petersburg).
22. Cervical cancer and pregnancy. Ulrikh E. A. (St. Petersburg).
23. The management of pregnant women with ovarian tumor. Popov A. A. (Moscow).
24. Russian experience fertility preservation in oncological patients of reproductive age. Kiseleva M. V. (Obninsk).

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